Heart Attack EP

by Ian Kudzinowski



released February 12, 2009



all rights reserved


Ian Kudzinowski Reading, UK

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Track Name: Leash You Up
Hear my footsteps walking beside you
Feel my eyes watching everything you do
Open a door and I’m there on the other side
With me you can’t ignore what you’re feeling inside

Forget me not
Or I’ll leash you up
On a lead like a dog
Forget me not
Or I’ll tie you up
To the bedpost – hot
And I won’t ever let you go, no, no, no

Feel my touch moving over your body
Smell my cologne as it starts to get naughty
Pick up the phone and I’m there on the other line
Forget the call home, you know you can’t deny

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

And I won’t ever let you go...
Track Name: The Beating of My Heart
Finding a flower
And smelling the scent
You slow right down
Enjoy the moment

Light up the room
Whenever you walk in
Now that you’re here
My life can begin

And we just met
And it’s so new
Can’t get you out of my head
So into you

The beating of my heart
Made for you
Whenever we’re apart
I wait for you
To show me how we start
Something new
When love is every part
Of what we do

Tossing a coin
That lands on every side
You’re so optimistic
And it’s what I like

Burn up the sky
With your amazing eyes
A shining star
A thousand fireflies

Repeat Intro / Chorus

In you I know I found my soul mate
And to watch our love grow, it’s hard to contemplate
This ever ending, when we’re always mending
One another’s broken parts
And piecing together a bigger heart
I love you

I love you

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Whereabouts
Whereabouts do ya want to meet tonight?
Should I bring myself accompanied by a bottle of wine?
Do you fancy take-out or should we skip to desert?
Am I being too forward now, well I can’t help being a flirt

Just close your eyes
And I’m imagining everything’s going to be alright
Just take a breath
And I’m starting to flush but I’m loving it
Ooh tonight

Whereabouts do ya want to meet tonight?
You could come pick me up or we could meet under streetlight
Should we take it slowly or do you like it fast?
Are you the kind of person who makes every moment last?

Repeat Chorus

Whereabouts do ya want to meet tonight?
We could meet back at my place but I want to do things right

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Headaches
So off you go
Doing as you please, right?
Guess I’ll never know
What you’re getting up to tonight
And there you are, standing at my door, 3am
And like a fool I only go and let you in

The sound of my words have a bitter taste
The sweetness just goes to waste
The sound of my words that you chew upon
And spit right out when the flavour’s gone

So now you go
I don’t hear a word from you
Guess I’ll never know
All the mess you got yourself into
And when you call, like right out of the blue
Do you think I’m gonna answer?
That’s the last thing I’m gonna do

Repeat Chorus

You think I’m playing games
You think I’m making headaches
Drop a pill and hope it goes away...

Repeat Chorus